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This site was started for one main reason, to help. Help for the millions of women and children in the USA and UK that suffer horrific abuse every day and are unable or unsure how to escape from it. Help for the underprivileged members of society who just need a little help to get themselves back up on their feet with the aid of shelters and food pantries. Help finding resources to benefits, grants and local groups that can help you make a better life for you and for your children. Help finding medical care for the underinsured or the uninsured.

I am trying to level out the playing field and ensure that everyone has access to this information, not just those that can afford to pay for it. It is my firm belief that one kind gesture deserves another and that it is our responsibility to help those who can't help themselves. For this reason I have also added a list of Petition Sites and Charity Sites where you too can help others who are in desperate need of assistance. The Petition Sites are a great way to help for those who can't afford to give money but would still like to have a say or help someone else to have their say on millions of different issues and subjects. The Charity sites list the over 55,000 registered charities in the US today and are a wonderful resource to help you find one to support for more personal reasons or simply because you believe in a certain cause and work they are doing.

I want us all to be seen and heard, for the causes that are important to us to be known and understood by others. Knowledge is power, the power to influence people and to change the course of our lives and the lives of others for the better. Ignorance breeds fear and fear blinds us all to what is really happening in the world, thus allowing the corrupt to rule over all of us and decide how we live and under what laws we will be governed. I for one will not stand by quietly anymore and let governments decide my fate, I am going to take fate into my own hands and hopefully make a difference along the way as well. Some of the most influential people in the world are Celebrities and being able to contact them with your story might just give you the edge and momentum to get your story out to the world and to ensure that justice is served. Celebrities also support many worthwhile causes and charities themselves, some of which will be available on this site so you can help support your favorite celebrity by helping them to support their charities.

There needs to be less competition in the world and more compassion and caring, that is what I am trying to do with this site. I want the world to know how prevalent abuse is in today's society, to give voices back to it's survivors ending the silence once and for all, making abuse unacceptable not as it is now, accepted. Abuse lasts a lifetime and is sometimes carried on to future generations, so why is it less harshly punished than nearly all other crimes in the world? We need to ask ourselves that question and then make a decisive effort to change how abuse is seen and in the end punished. We have the power and ability to change the world, through compassion, generosity, understanding and education. Education will lead to the obliteration of ignorance of taboo subjects such as abuse and once it's causes and effects are known work can be done to put an end to it.

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